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Huayna Potosi - 6088m, Bolivia
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  Johan Perret  is an Agricultural and Biosystems Engineer with special interests in the fields of soil, water and the environment. He is specialized in hydrology and chemical transport through soil.  Dr. Perret is currently working as a Assistant Professor at Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, in the Department of Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering. 


  Curriculum Vitae 
(Last Update: 08/2001)




    Johan grew up in FRANCE until the age of 7 and spent the next 9 years traveling around the world with his parents, who were journalists at that time. He holds an International Baccalaureate Degree in Sciences (1990) from the French International School of Bethesda, Washington D.C., USA. His interest in Natural Sciences, Engineering and International Cooperation led him to earn a B.Sc. (1994) in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at McGill University (Montreal, Canada).

    In 1995, J. Perret started his Master's program under the supervision of Dr. Shiv O. Prasher (McGill University). After one year into the program, Johan was transferred into the Ph.D program. Johan completed his Ph.D. in Hydrology and Soil Physics in November 1998. Johan's Ph.D. dealt with the characterization and modeling of preferential flow and chemical transport through soil using X-ray CAT scanning and SPECT scanning.

    For maintaining a high level of academic achievement and for the quality of his Ph.D. research, Dr. Perret was awarded McGill University Dean's Honor List in 1998, the Hugh Baily Award in 1997 and the Walter M. Stewart Postgraduate Scholarship in 1996.

    Johan also received the prestigious Graduate Thesis Award of the Canadian Society of Agricultural Engineering (CSAE) at the 1999 ASAE/CSAE-SCGR Annual International Meeting held in Toronto, Canada. This award is given annually to recognize outstanding graduate research and a high degree of professionalism among graduating Masters or Doctoral students in agricultural, food and biological engineering.

    To date, Dr. Perret has published 7 papers in refereed journals, 6 papers in refereed conference proceedings, 6 technical conference papers.

    A few of Johan's passions in life include traveling, sailing, rock climbing, paragliding backpacking, SCUBA diving and mountaineering.

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