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 Agriculture and Environment

AGRALIN World Wide Web Server
Agricultural Bibliographic Information System of the Netherlands
Agricultural Research Service
The Agricultural Research Service (ARS) is the main in-house research arm of the United States Department of Agriculture
American Society of Agricultural Engineers
CGIAR Research Centers
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (Sixteen international agricultural research centers make up the global network known as the CGIAR)
Food and Agriculture Organization (largest autonomous agency within the United Nations)
National Agricultural Library
The National Agricultural Library, part of the Agricultural Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is one of four National Libraries in the United States
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
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Cartography Resources
Contains links to internet sites and resources. Sections on commercial, federal, educational and people. Virtual library cartography
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Country Reports ICPPGR
145 country reports send to FAO
CGRER NetSurfing: Maps and References
Maps of all countries of the world
The World Factbook
The World Factbook is prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency for the use of US Government officials
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Geomorphology resources
The pages include news about micromorphology, a list of people working in this area together with E-mail address
Virtual Geomorphology
The Virtual Geomorphology is continuously updated. Also what's new! Polish. Looks very complete
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Statistical Analysis of Natural Resource Data (SAND)
Software, WWW sites, persons, research projects
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 Global Change

Global Change Research Information Office
The gopher serves for access to information and data concerning the prevention, mitigation and adoption to the effects of global change
Global Data and Information System
GCDIS links data and information of the agencies participating in Global Change Research Program. It provides a gateway to International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN), the Global Change Master Directory and the NOAA directory
Data and information of the Geosphere Biosphere Program
NASA Global Change Master Dir.
The Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) is a comprehensive source of information about Earth science, environmental, biosphere, climate, and global change data
Global Hydrology and Climate Center
U.S. Global Change Research Program
Gopher menu
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 GIS and GPS

ESRI - Home of The GIS People
A GIS jump station allows to jump to domestic (USA) and international GIS sites. Access to books, data, news, user services, jobs and products. Environmental System Research Institute. Best corporate GIS site
On-line resources for GIS, GPS and RS industries
Geographical Information Systems WWW Resource List
Useful GIS/RS ftp Servers are listed. The information resources are presented as lists of files and directories
GIS and GIS-Related Net Sites
Great GIS Net site
Global Positioning System
The site is simulation to an on-line textbook. Next tot that it points to other GPS sites on the Web including institutes
National Clearinghouse Geoinformatic Pilot (Idefix)
Thoen's web
BBS, MapInfo, Tour de WWW and business resources on GIS
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 Hydraulics / Hydrology / Water Resources

American Water Resource Association
American Water Works Association
Dedicated to safe drinking water
Global Hydrology and Climate Center
HR Wallingford
Hydrology Lab Home Page
Hydrology-Related Internet Resources
Maintained at the Pacific Northwest Laboratory by Tim Scheibe. Available are data resources, computer modeling and software, publications bibliographic materials, projects and special topics, discussion groups, scientific and professional societies, conferences, universities and other research organizations
Hydroweb (IAEH)
International Association of Environmental Hydrologists (IAEH)
International Association Hydrogeologists
Calendar of events and more hydro links
International Water Resources Association
International Association Hydrological Sciences
International Association on Water Quality
International Groundwater modeling Center
Demo's of software, short courses, publications
Links to Hydrogeology and Hydrology.
Alphabetically arranged list of companies,
institutions and universities
Seepage/Groundwater Modeling Software
Software for Groundwater Modeling
This document is a gateway to groundwater related software on the Internet. Publicly accessible FTP, Gopher, and WWW servers are arranged into non-commercial and commercial categories
Uwin home page
The University Water Information Network of the University Council of Water Resources (UCOWR). Several databases, series of bulletin boards on water related topics called 'water talk' are maintained
Virtual Library Hydrosphere 
Welcome to WaterNet
Water industry
Water Librarians' Home Page
Water Quality Information Center
Water quality Information Center of the National Agricultural Library provides bibliographies, news, conferences, discussion lists covering water quality
Weekly updated site containing links to dozens of articles, ideas, policies and discussion documents about innovative urban water management practices, around the world.
Water Resources Center Library
List of journals, list of newsletters, WRC Bookmark list. Library can be searched online
Water - Wastewater Web
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 International Development

Asian Development Bank 
Canadian International Development Agency
Devline - (Development Information Online)
Providing information services and systems for development professionals
Eldis Electronic Developement and Environmental Information System
Gives info on Eur. Dev. Cooperation in relation to the Rome Convention
IDRC gopher
The International Network for Development Information Exchange (INDIX)
INDIX (International Network for Development Information Exchange)
International Dev. Org (FAO, IFAD, ...)
International Development Research Center
International Development: Internet Sites
Includes: geographical index, travel resources, news (CNN), internet info, general references, gender and development, non-governmental-, bilateral-, and international org.
International Developmenternational Virtual library
This page contains a random sampling of Internet resources of interest to people in the
International Development field. World map with regional resources. Organizations and other services
Japanese International Cooperation Agency
Overseas Development Administration  
United Nations Development Program
Regional Aid Agencies and Development Banks
Water Eng. and Development Center
The WEDC Web is list of useful links to other development institutions and organizations
World Bank
Country project information
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International Irrigation Management Institute (IIMI)
Irrigation Association
WWW Virtual Library Irrigation
The virtual library 'irrigation' and 'hydrology' provides links and information to servers and sites holding information relevant to irrigation and hydrology. It gives information about conferences, experts, organizations and institutes
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 Jobs on the Web

Jobs on the web
Jobs related to: Soil, Water, Engineering, Agriculture &  International Development
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 Land and Water

ASAE - American Society of Agricultural Engineers
ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineering
FAO Land and Water Dept. 
Global Water Partnership
GRID, the IPTRID Network Magazine
IPTRID Network Services
IPTRID - CEMAGREF - Project database
Bureau of Reclamation  
USCID - United States Committee on Irrigation and Drainage
USSL Salinity Laboratory
World Water Council: The International Water Policy Think Tank
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 Landscape Architecture / Ecology

American Society of Landscape Architects
An extensive list of links related to landscape ecology, including landscapes and
environment, agriculture, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
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 Listservs related to Water and Environment

The list is quite long - click here to see it
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Meteorology. WWW Virtual Library
Access to WWW, Gopher, ftp, geographical index, maps, forecasts, reports, satellite images, movies, climate, groups, libraries
Meteorology data sources and FAQ
Weather information. Sites organized by regions of the globe. Presents also access to internet resources
World Meteorological Organization
The Weather Network Site (Canada - USA)
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Documentation for ecological models, simulation-software and other information about modeling.
International Groundwater Modeling Center
Demo's of software, short courses, publications
Models at University of Kassel
The Scientific Software Ground
Speciality: ground and surface water,  air poluttion, bioremediation
U.S. Salinity Laboratory, Riverside, California
Research models of the US Agricultural Research Service
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 Remote Sensing

European Space Agency
The Netherlands Earth Observation NETwork
Remote Sensing and GIS Information
Very extensive site with links to publications, listservers, ftp files, and many other GIS/RS sites on the net
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 Soil Science / Soil Improvement

Electronic Journals. Full Text

Sciences of soils


Soil science glossary

International and regional Organization and Universities

International Soil Reference Inf. Center
Nat. Society of Consulting Soil Scientists
National Soil Survey Center - USDA
Soil Science Society of America
Soil Science Universities
Soil Survey and Land Research Center UK
USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (formerly SCS)

Mailing lists

Soils science related mailing and discussion lists

Resources on the web

Branner Earth Sciences--Soils
Environmental Organization WebDirectory - Science:Agriculture:Soil Science
Incomplete listing of institutions
Un. Minnesota Soil Science Gopher
Nat. Soc. of Consulting Soil Scientists Links
Purdue Soil Information Systems
FAO soil map of the world and SOTER.
Soils on Line. Resources on the web
University of Adelaide Soil Science Links
Give links to Australian and other universities. Soil science related mailing/discussion lists are presented
Univ. Western Australia Soil Science & Plant Nutrition Links
Give links to soil science and plant nutrients in Australia and the World
Zobler World Soils Data Set
The World Soil data set was compiled from the FAO Soil Map of the World by L. Zobler(1986). The major components of the data set are soil classification, soil texture, soil slope and a file reconciling the differences between Matthew's Global Vegetation Data Set and FAO sources
World-Wide Web Virtual Library Soils and Substrates
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 Soil Erosion / Soil and Water Conservation

Erosion Technology Consulting
European Society for Soil Conservation (ESSC)
International Erosion Control Association
International Soil Conservation Organizatiom
Soil and Water Conservation Society
USDA-ARS Wind Erosion Research Unit
World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWC)
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 Sustainable Development

International Institute for Sustainable Development, Winnipeg, Canada. With links to sustainable development sides
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James Payton's Constructed Wetlands Page
Society of Wetland Scientists 
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