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    Research Projects

Johan Perret, Ph.D.
Biosystems Engineering
Sultan Qaboos University, College of Agriculture
Dpt. Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering
Box 34. al-Khod 123
TEL: 968  515128
FAX: 968 513 418


  new Click here to view a 3D animation of soil macropores reconstructed by CT scanning



The Use of CT Scanning and MRI to investigate soil, water and pathogen interactions
Spirulina Culture using Reject Brine Water from Desalination Plants
Investigation and optimization of humidification and dehumidification processes in greenhouses to produce fresh water from saline water
Development of a Fuzzy Logic Based Control System to Automate Irrigation Management and Improve Water Use Efficiency in the Sultanate of Oman
Three-dimensional Quantification of Macropore Networks in Undisturbed Soil Cores
Soil-Core Breakthrough in Intact Soil Columns Measured by SPECT Scanning
 Development of a Two-Domain Simulation Approach using X-ray CT Scanning to Model Solute Transport in Soil with Preferential Flow Pathways
 3-D Visualization of Soil Macroporosity using X-ray CAT Scanning
Characterization of Macropore Morphology in a Sandy Loam using X-Ray Computed Tomography and Geostatistical Analysis
Application of Fuzzy Logic in the Design of Drainage Systems and Vegetated Waterways under Uncertainty
Software & PV-WAVE Source Codes


2000 Johan Perret