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Map of Oman
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Facts at a glance

Land Area: 119,500 sq. miles
Population: 2.2 M
Capital: Muscat
Languages: Arabic, English
Religion: Islam
Time difference: EST +9 hrs, GMT +4 hrs
Electricity: 220-240v, 50hz
Currency: Omani Rial, (1 OR = $2.58 US)
Climate: Dry - tropical
Rainfall: 4" (annual avg. Muscat)
Temperature: Fall/Spring avg. temp 80F
National Day: November 18


The National Flag

The National Emblem of Oman

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Friday, February 25th 2000:

That's it, off to the Sultanate of Oman !  We are looking forward to it. We should leave Montréal around March 15th.  As we gathered information on the Web about Oman, we thought that some of our friends and family might be curious to know more about this uncommon destination.  So here is a list of links related to Oman. Maybe it will influence your future travel/vacations plans;  we certainly hope so as we would enjoy spending and sharing some time together over there!  You will always be welcomed to visit us.

Johan & Annie

General Info about the Sultanate of Oman

Explore OMAN and The Oman Visitor The Oman Visitor page gives a good general introduction to Oman with links to a number of personal photograph libraries. The OFFICIAL tourism Web Site of the Sultanate of Oman

Destination Oman This site, sponsored by the Lonely Planet, contains a wide and comprehensive list of information about the Sultanate, focusing on the questions of first-time visitor.

Oman Info World This site has general information on tourism and culture

Oman: special reference "A to Z" This is a collection of Oman-oriented links arranged alphabetically by subject.

Oman Agriculture and Water Resources Info

Oman: Information for tourists !

Off-road in Oman, a guide by Sue Hutton (expat living in Oman since 1991)

Bird watching in the Sultanate of Oman

Useful Arabic Phrases

Hello ---- Marhaba
Goodbye ---- Ma`asalaama
Good morning----Sabah al-khayr
Peace be upon you ---- A`Salaam Alaykum
On you be peace "Reply"---- Wa alaykum a`salaam wirahmatullaah
Welcome ---- Ahlan wa sahlan
Good evening ---- Masa al-khayr
How do you do? ---- Keyf al-haal
I am fine ---- Al-hamdu lellah
Please join us ----Tafadhal Ma`ana
Thank you very much ---- Shukran jazeelan
No thank you ---- La shukran
You`re welcome ---- Afwan
I am sorry ---- Ana asif
See you again! ----- Ashoofak qareeb
Pleasant journey ---- Rehlah sa'eeda
Yes ---- Na`am
No ---- Laa
Ok ---- Zain
Fantastic ---- Mumtaz
If God wishes ---- Inshaallah
This is very expansive ---- Hadha ghali wajid
Problem ---- Mushkila
Where are you from? ---- Anta min ayy balad?
I am from ...... ----- Ana min .....
How much? ----- Bikam
Where can i buy ...... ------ Min wein aqdar ashtari .....
Left ---- Yassar
Right ---- Yamin
Straight on ---- Alaa tool
Tomorrow ---- Bukrah
Excuse me ---- Ismah lee