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Map of Oman
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Facts at a glance

Land Area: 119,500 sq. miles
Population: 2.2 M
Capital: Muscat
Languages: Arabic, English
Religion: Islam
Time difference: EST +9 hrs, GMT +4 hrs
Electricity: 220-240v, 50hz
Currency: Omani Rial, (1 OR = $2.58 US)
Climate: Dry - tropical
Rainfall: 4" (annual avg. Muscat)
Temperature: Fall/Spring avg. temp 80F
National Day: November 18


The National Flag

The National Emblem of Oman














Photo Albums of Oman

ball12.gif (306 bytes)  Week-end with Mohammed, Ali, Ashraf, Nasser and Antoine (July 2000)

ball12.gif (306 bytes) Visit of Al Hazm and Rustaq Forts (July 2000)

ball12.gif (306 bytes) Turtle beach - Ras al Jinz and Ras al Had (September 2000)  new

ball12.gif (306 bytes) Visit of Nizwa with Annie's parents (November 2000)  new

ball12.gif (306 bytes) On the Tiwi road - Sur to Nizwa (November 2000)  new

General Info about the Sultanate of Oman

Explore OMAN and The Oman Visitor The Oman Visitor page gives a good general introduction to Oman with links to a number of personal photograph libraries. The OFFICIAL tourism Web Site of the Sultanate of Oman

Destination Oman This site, sponsored by the Lonely Planet, contains a wide and comprehensive list of information about the Sultanate, focusing on the questions of first-time visitor.

Oman Info World This site has general information on tourism and culture

Oman: special reference "A to Z" This is a collection of Oman-oriented links arranged alphabetically by subject.

Oman Agriculture and Water Resources Info

Oman: Information for tourists !

Off-road in Oman, a guide by Sue Hutton (expat living in Oman since 1991)

Bird watching in the Sultanate of Oman

Useful Arabic Phrases

Hello ---- Marhaba
Goodbye ---- Ma`asalaama
Good morning----Sabah al-khayr
Peace be upon you ---- A`Salaam Alaykum
On you be peace "Reply"---- Wa alaykum a`salaam wirahmatullaah
Welcome ---- Ahlan wa sahlan
Good evening ---- Masa al-khayr
How do you do? ---- Keyf al-haal
I am fine ---- Al-hamdu lellah
Please join us ----Tafadhal Ma`ana
Thank you very much ---- Shukran jazeelan
No thank you ---- La shukran
You`re welcome ---- Afwan
I am sorry ---- Ana asif
See you again! ----- Ashoofak qareeb
Pleasant journey ---- Rehlah sa'eeda
Yes ---- Na`am
No ---- Laa
Ok ---- Zain
Fantastic ---- Mumtaz
If God wishes ---- Inshaallah
This is very expansive ---- Hadha ghali wajid
Problem ---- Mushkila
Where are you from? ---- Anta min ayy balad?
I am from ...... ----- Ana min .....
How much? ----- Bikam
Where can i buy ...... ------ Min wein aqdar ashtari .....
Left ---- Yassar
Right ---- Yamin
Straight on ---- Alaa tool
Tomorrow ---- Bukrah
Excuse me ---- Ismah lee