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Hola, Gringo !  Photos from our trip to South America

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Population: 14,026,000  



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These photos were taken in the Northern Regions of Chile

Main places visited: Arica,  Laguana Chungara, Calama, San Pedro de Atacama, Salar de Atacama, Geysers del Tatio)


Chungara (4500m), the highest lake in the worldfunny duck on his floating islandSoca cornuda (post card)Chuquicamata cooper mine near CalamaOasis in the desert of Atacama
Irrigation canalContrast between the oasis and the desert of AtacamaAt Arica, church imported from France, made by EiffelVegetation around Chungara lakeJohan beside Chile's national plant, llaretaBike excursion in the Moon ValleyMummy from the Atacamena civilization (post card)
national plant of Chile (post card)Flying above the Moon ValleyGeyser del TatioAn hydrologist observing a well built canal!!!!Freezing even beside boiling Geysers!!
Close up of the fragile soil near the geysersSunrise over the GeysersNice warm bath with Fred
Eruption of Tation GeyserYoooo  !!  Another eruption !! Mysterious cave in one of the oasis of the Atacama desert